We believe in being unique, and our office showroom is just that! Our clients can meet with one of our experienced staff members at our newly renovated record shop & taproom (The Vinyl Room) located right in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Relax in an environment that speaks music, and enjoy some local craft beer a wine while deciding on which package fits your style and budget the best! 

The Vinyl Room 

TVR 1.jpg

Our showroom is the perfect place to sit and discuss your wedding plans and vision. We understand that there is a level of stress when planning any big event, so we alleviate that in with our relaxed approach and comfortable meeting space. I mean, who doesn't want to enjoy a local craft beer or a glass of wine while discussing the potential music entertainment for your wedding.

Relax During your Meeting 

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Bring family! Like most of our clients, family and friends play such an important role in the wedding process. Why not bring them along so they get a chance to meet our staff, and they can relax along side while we talk music and ideas for your event. Feel free to contact us for a no obligation meeting at our showroom.